The Profit Foundations

8-Week Program

For Self-Employed People Who Want To Feel Consistently Confident Around Their Money.

with Jen Mayer of Fully Funded & TJ Vigil of Breadwinning

**Registration closes Monday, July 25th**


“At our first meeting, I knew I could trust TJ. She is organized and explains the details to me so I can have ownership over my finances.”

— Haley Hawn Photography




  • We’re here to be your partners in releasing the shame around inconsistent money practices

  • Avoid being unprepared for tax season which is costing you thousands of dollars each year.

  • Prioritize paying yourself so you have a regular salary (yes, this is possible even if your income is up and down!)

  • Create a personal financial plan so you can finally put money away for your work optional future (yes, you can choose to work less or even retire!)

Imagine having a money and tax strategy

for your business and personal life

with a clear picture for growth

(so you can finally get financially ahead!).

  • Save time by having a clear monthly routine to be proactive on your finances instead of being reactive

  • Save money each year on your taxes by having a tax strategy to reduce your the taxes you pay- both as a business owner, and as a self-employed person

  • Stop feeling alone around your finances and have guidance you can afford

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed about your finances, and create a plan to reach your goals faster than you thought possible.

What if you could finally understand

your personal and business finances

so you can save time, save money,

and create an intentional financial plan

with guidance from an accountant and

financial counselor?

Meet Jen!

An entrepreneur for 18 years with a background in the wellness industry. Jen is a Financial Counselor working with self-employed people to merge the wellness and financial worlds to help others reach their goals of financial independence.

Say hello to TJ!

From early days of data entry to launching an accounting firm in 2019, TJ has pivoted her organization to reach entrepreneurs of all levels on her quest to eliminate gatekeeping in wealth.


When you enroll in PROFIT FOUNDATIONS, you’ll feel supported as you navigate your next steps in creating a strong financial foundation for your business and personal life.

During the course you'll be part of a community of like minded business owners where it is safe to talk about money, ask tons of questions, and move through any emotions you might be feeling that could be holding you back. Jen and TJ are committed to creating a shame free and supportive environment.

For the first time ever, you might feel that you have a legitimate business, that feels organized and you feel informed around making bold CEO level financial decisions and leveling up your life.

You’ll no longer stress around tax season, knowing you have a solid plan in place to be prepared. You’ll save thousands of dollars each year, simply by having a tax strategy in place.

Introducing our new framework…



I know I’ll receive:

  • An interactive course filled with live teaching, on demand replays for those who can’t join live, customizable templates, lists of resources, community connection and support

  • Monthly Q+A Call

  • Monthly Group Coaching Call

  • Bookkeeping System Implementation

  • Budgeting System

  • 12 Weeks of Access and Support with Jen + TJ

  • Template: Revenue Growth Plan

  • Template: 12 Months Financial Roadmap to Implement and Level Up Your Life

  • Access to private community group

Kind Words from successful clients …

Jen has been instrumental in helping us build our financial literacy. My husband and I came to Jen feeling overwhelmed by all of the things we needed to do to get our finances in order. Jen calmly and patiently walked us through different options for how to save our money, and how to strategize for maternity leave. She also set us up with sustainable systems to make things easeful and streamlined. Jen is a soothing voice amidst the stress and chaos that can come with handling money. I’m so grateful we found her!

- Lela + Connor

Your Investment

This program was initially priced at $4500. We are so excited to get this framework into your hands, we reduced the price and are offering two payment plans!

Join us August 1st!

1 Payment of $997


2 Payments of $517


If we worked together privately, we collectively would charge $3,000 a day. You will pay nowhere near that because we want this to be an easy yes for you to get your finances out of overwhelm, and build the life and business you know is possible.

Limited scholarships available for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, people with disabilities, single parents, and anyone who expresses need. Please inquire here if you’re interested in working together.

Have questions about joining Profit Foundations? Book a call with Jen + TJ:

Is Profit Foundations Right For YOU?

Listen, we get it! This all looks great, but while it's obvious PROFIT FOUNDATIONS can help others reach their goals, you aren't sure if it's going to work for you. Let's break down who will thrive in PROFIT FOUNDATIONS


❌ You don’t plan on leveling up your business, expanding your revenue, or reaching for new income milestones at some point. When you’re ready to create a clear path to increased income, we’ll be the first to welcome you inside.

❌ You can’t make a commitment to changing your mindset and implementing new systems. This is a remodel of your personal and business finances.

❌ You’re in the idea stage of your business and haven’t sold anything, yet. This is for self-employed people to take control of your finances the way you have in every other area of your business.

You’re going to love PROFIT FOUNDATIONS if:

✅ You’re at the income generating stage of your business, whether you’re a new business or seasoned. This course will make it easy for you to learn how to save each year on taxes by implementing a tax strategy, pay yourself consistently and manage the variable income that comes with self-employment, and create a pathway to generate more revenue through making a profit plan.

✅ You're willing to dedicate up to 5 hours a week. No guarantees, but with our financial tracking and organizing strategy and as soon as the first month is complete... you can expect to have a clearer picture of your finances and have systems in place that will help you manage and understand the money coming into your business.

Only join this 3 month course if you can invest some time into your financial literacy and grow your CFO leadership skills in your business, and in managing your personal money. Rome wasn't built overnight.

✅ You're willing to commit to TRYING it out. We’ve done everything we can to build Profit Foundations in a way that stacks the odds in your favor. Our research shows, this will help you capture around $3,500 in missed deductions, reclaim around $5,000 in taxes and allow you to gain precious hours (around 13 on average!) each month from financial worry.



She never made us feel shame or embarrassment for our lack of financial literacy. Her passion towards helping freelancers better understand their money really shined in our time together, from how comfortable she made us feel, to her sharing specific insight on different IRAs, banks, software and applications.

When it comes to talking about money, ordinarily I'd feel some mixture of embarrassment, vulnerability and straight up terror. Our conversation with Jen was the least scary conversation I've ever had about money, and in fact, it was actually incredibly fun.

Right after our call, my partner and I felt a newfound sense of clarity in terms of what steps we can take to make our businesses more financially efficient and run better moving forward. Working with Jen felt like an act of self care for our financial present and future.”

-Beth, NYC

“TJ offers a feeling of safety. Very few times in my adult life do I feel taken care of besides family or my wife and TJ offers that.”

-Kamiya & Tess, SoulNia

“You rock, TJ! Very appreciative of you and your team for guiding me through this process. You have made my business much easier to run!”

-Mike, Live Your Truth Media

We’re not self-made, we’re community made, and we would love to get to know you.

If you want to chat before you commit, book a call to see if Profit Foundations is right for you!

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join our program, we encourage you to begin setting aside money to organize your personal and business finances right now.

Jen here - take it from me, and learn from my mistakes: before focusing on a way to truly understand my business finances and a way to sustainably pay myself each month, my personal finances were a mess! I wasn’t sure what was coming in, what was going out, and I crossed my fingers each spring that there would be enough money set aside to cover the tax bill. It was stressful, and left me spinning my wheels for way too long.

Some of you already know this is EXACTLY what they have been looking for to have a bookkeeping system in place and know how to maintain it, pay yourself regularly, and no longer be stressed about tax season.

Not only that, but to also have a plan for your money after you pay yourself, so you can hit your big goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Don’t wait until next year when you’re stressed all over again… invest in yourself NOW to create a monthly system to gain control over your business and personal finances.

You know what’s better than us reaching our work optional future goals? Having you right alongside us.

PS - Are you ready to learn a sustainable month by month organizational financial process for self-employed people? Click here to get started TODAY!

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